Payoneer Fees Including ATM Card & Withdrawal [Explained In Details]

By | 9th December 2018

Payoneer FeesWe all know that using Payoneer to send & receive payment isn’t free as there are Payoneer Fees both for using their ATM Card that you can use to withdraw money at any ATMs across the world or you send & money to your clients, it all comes with a pricing & fees by Payoneer.

Today I am going to share with you how much fee you’ll be paying while using any feature of your Payoneer account. So before we get ahead, let me share with you the Payoneer Fees table in which you will easily be able to understand their Fee Structure and how much you’ll be paying for each transaction, feature & the service you’ll use.

So here they are:

Payoneer Fees

ATM Card First Time Activation$29.95
Card Annual Activation$29.95
ATM Card Replacement$12.95
ATM Card Offline OR Online Purchase$0.00 (Free)
Money Withdrawal Via ATM$3.15
Checking Card Balance Via ATM$1
Declining ATM Transaction$1
Payoneer Bank Transfer$5.95-$9.95
Payments From Payoneer Customers$0.00 (Free)
Payments from Companies$2-$5
Receiving Payments via GPS (Global Payment Services)1%
Payoneer ATM Withdrawal Exchange Fees3.5%
Payoneer Bank Withdrawal Exchange Fees2%
Monthly Fees$0.00 (Free)

Now I hope you got a quick idea of how much you’ll be paying for using any of the services that we have mentioned & shared with you above in the table. But before I move forward, I’d like to ask you that if you don’t have a Payoneer Account and want to create one for yourself then head over to our Payoneer $25 Bonus Sign UP page to get up to $35 bonus for free for just signing up using our link.

Payoneer Services & Their Fees

Now let me share with you detailed topics of what these features are and how you can use them and also we’ll tell you why you’ll be charged for each of these services.

Payoneer Fees (Complete Structure)

ATM Card First Time Activation Fee

You can create a Payoneer account and start getting paid straightaway and can withdraw your money and funds via Bank Account but Payoneer also offers you a different way to withdraw your funds using your ATM Card via ATMs across the world. You can order your Payoneer ATM Card from your account. All you need to do is just log into your account and go to the Order a Card page to order a card for the currency that you want from the list.

Now if you have ordered a card and it has just arrived then you’ll need to activate it and link it with your Payoneer account. To activate & link, you’ll need to log into your account dashboard and follow all the steps.

Now the thing is that when you’ll activate the card, Payoneer will charge you $29.95 fee for the card activation for the first year so which means for the first year, you’ll only be charged $29.95 Payoneer fees.

Also even if you don’t have money in your Payoneer account and still you activated your card, Payoneer will only charge you when you fund your account.

Card Annual Activation

Payoneer Card Activation Fee

Now as we talked recently that every year, you’ll need to pay $29.95 for keeping the Card active. And also each year Payoneer will charge you $29.95 for providing ATM Card related services.

Card Replacement

Also the Card that comes with your account is expired after 3 years so in case it’s expired now and you want to order a new one then you’ll need to pay extra $12.95 to order a new card. Even if you have lost the old one which is not expired yet then you’ll still need to pay $12.95 for ordering a new one.

Card Offline OR Online Purchase

The thing that we like about Payoneer is that it offers a quick way to make both offline or online purchases without any hassles and the best part is that it does not cost a penny. But I’m not pretty much sure about this fee as I’m still in doubt if they really don’t charge any fee.

In case you made online or offline purchases and Payoneer did or not charge you then don’t forget to leave your views below in the comments to let others know about it.

Money Withdrawal Via ATM

In case you want to withdraw money from any ATM across the world even in a different currency would cost you a huge fee and as we already discussed above. The minimum fee that you’ll be charged for making a transaction via an ATM is $3.15. However, making a transaction in a different currency would also cost you a different conversion & exchange fee besides the ATM(s) fees.

Checking Card Balance Via ATM

Most of the ATMs across the world allows you to check your card balance but checking your card balance also comes with a fixed fee of $1. Which means if you’ll see an option in any ATM telling that check your funds/balance and you’ll check your funds/balance then you’ll be charged $1 by the ATM for checking your funds/balance.

Declining ATM Transaction

When you insert your card in the ATM booth and proceed to making a transaction but you made a mistake or want to go back & cancel the transaction in the middle, you’ll be charged a declining ATM transaction fee which is $1 per transaction cancellation.

Payoneer Bank Transfer

Apart from withdrawing funds via ATM(s), Payoneer also offers a great way of withdrawing your funds right to your Local Bank Account in much less fee than withdrawing via Card. To withdraw money & funds via your local bank account, you’ll need to link your local bank account with your Payoneer account and then you’ll be able to withdraw via a Local Bank Account.

Now the fee for withdrawing via a local bank account is around $5.95 to $9.95 and you can withdraw up to $10,000 per transaction even in your local bank currency. And the minimum withdrawal amount per transaction is just $50.

Payments From Payoneer Customers

Receiving payments from other Payoneer customers is just easy as that and is totally for free as well. If you want to receive payments from other users, you’ll just need to log into your account dashboard and go to Request a Payment and then enter all the sender’s details and make a payment request from him/her and you’ll receive payments from them without any fee(s) on your side or from their side.

However, if you’ll request payment from another user who doesn’t have any Payoneer account then he/she can also send you payment using their Credit Cards or Debit Cards without any fee(s) on your side.

Payments From Companies

If you’re a Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Freelancer or anyone who want to get paid by any company that sends payouts via Payoneer then each time you’ll receive payment and get paid by them will cost you $2 for normal transaction within 2 days & $5 for instant withdrawal within 2 or less hours.

Getting Paid via GPS (Global Payment Service)

Payoneer also lets you get paid by US Banks & Companies & receive payments from any companies via Payoneer as if you have a US Bank Account. Now by utilizing the Global Payment Service & receiving payment via it will charge you $1 per transaction according to the official site of Payoneer.

ATM Withdrawal Exchange Fees

Each time you withdraw funds/money from any ATM from your Payoneer account in a different currency will put extra fees for conversion on you. Which means if you’re in India and want to withdraw money (from Dollars $ into INR (Indian Rupees)) via any ATM there from your Payoneer Card then apart from the $3.15 normal card withdrawal fee, you’ll also be charged up to 3.5% conversion/exchange fee as well.

Bank Withdrawal Exchange Fees

Also withdrawing your funds via a Bank Account instead of a Card is a good practice as it will save you a lot of fees & money. Withdrawal conversion fees via a Bank Account per transaction is just 2% which is much lower than the ATM Withdrawal Conversion Fees.

Monthly Fees

Most of the users out there asking us what are the Payoneer Monthly Fees so my answer is, No! there’s no monthly or maintenance fee set by Payoneer.

Final Words

So I hope now you have the idea about Payoneer Fees and how much you’ll pay for using their services. We listed all the possible services for which you’ll need to pay Fees so in case we left anything unturned then don’t forget to ask us in the comment section below and we’d try our best to answer your question as soon as possible!

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